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You have chosen an easy tour suitable for all ages. Expect good surfaces with a few easy uphill passages.

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Deliana & Mesavlia Gorge –
Unknown Crete – Simply the Best


Bike & Hike • until June 15th - Spring only!

A simple tour for those who want simply all – a superb gorge, simple to walk through yet unknown to all guide books, full of herbs and fascinating flowers... authentic Cretan hospitality, native specialities, unspoilt villages and idyllic landscape and an ancient Minoan mountain retreat, forgotten by history yet still inhabited. The timeless face of Crete on bike, ideal for nature lovers and ramblers!

  • distance: full day, 23 km, incl. 15 km downhill
  • walking: approx. 2 hours
  • price: € 68.- / 38.-

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