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You have chosen an easy tour suitable for all ages. Expect good surfaces with a few easy uphill passages.

•on all half day tours - coffee or snack break
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Deres –
A Time Travel into Crete's Countryside

We start our tour at some small farms in the green village of Nea Roumata. Cycling through chestnut groves we reach Deres. Here the secrets of the Cretan Way Of Life are revealed to us.

The stop at a very special village kafenion gives us a chance to learn all we ever wanted to know about the Cretans. A short ride further we enter another time and age. The mysteries of Byzantine aristocracy, Venetian conquerors and Turkish harems come alive as we discover a forgotten Castello. A spirit of peace embraces us while cycling downhill through small farms where plenty of chickens, turkeys, sheep, goats, pigs, mules and donkeys look surprised as we pass them.

Cruising downriver through gnarled olive groves and fragrant orange gardens we reach the north coast at Tavronitis where a mini-van brings us back into our century and to the starting point.

  • Half Day
  • Distance: ~21km
  • Elevation Gain: 108m
  • Elevation Lost: 361m
  • Min Elevation: 2m
  • Max Elevation: 275m
  • suitable for: parent & kid tandem, baby seats
  • price: € 49.- / 22.-

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